Latest conflict of interest in Cabinet shows need for an Anti-Corruption Commission

The Opportunities Party is again calling for greater oversight over political donations, through the creation of an Anti-Corruption Commission.

The Opportunities Party (TOP) is deeply concerned about today’s revelations surrounding Labour MP, Kiri Allan receiving thousands of dollars in donations in 2020 through rental subsidies on her East Coast election office through a company that Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon was a director of. 

Leader of The Opportunities Party, Raf Manji believes this is yet another example of a conflict of interest with our public officials, who are expected to remain politically neutral. Yet, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins says “there’s no cause for concern” and Foon says “it didn’t cross my mind” when grilled about the donations.  

Manji says “This is especially concerning because it is the role of the Justice Minister, currently Kiri Allan, to appoint the Race Relations Commissioner. Public officials need to be reminded that they must remain politically independent, the Race Relations Commissioner is no exception.”

The Opportunities Party is calling for the Prime Minister to get serious about strengthening the public’s trust in our public officials, and politicians.

“There needs to be an independent inquiry into the actions of both Allan and Foon, and any other officials who may be engaged in similar behaviour, to give the public confidence that conflicts of interest are appropriately managed.” 

“The independent investigation must be thorough, transparent, and led by an independent body to ensure that the public can have confidence in its findings.”

Manji says “political donations in New Zealand is a murky and poorly regulated area of politics and more needs to be done to strengthen the public’s trust in our political parties and politicians.”

Last month, The Opportunities Party launched a petition calling for the creation of an Anti-Corruption Commission which has since seen over 1000 signatures.