The Opportunities Party calls for the creation of an Anti-Corruption Commission

The Opportunities Party calls for more transparency and accountability in Government with the creation of a new Anti-Corruption Commission.

The Opportunities Party (TOP) is deeply concerned about the recent revelations surrounding Former Cabinet Minister, Stuart Nash. It was recently revealed that Nash breached Cabinet confidentiality by emailing details of a Cabinet discussion to two businessmen who donated to his 2020 Napier Election Campaign, and ultimately had commercial interests in Cabinet’s decisions.

Leader of The Opportunities Party Raf Manji, says “the public deserves transparency and accountability from their elected officials. The actions of Stuart Nash must be thoroughly investigated to ensure there is no corruption or misuse of power taking place behind closed doors.”

“Government Ministers should be acting in the wider public’s best interest, not the interest of wealthy donors, special interest groups and lobbyists. New Zealanders deserve better.”

The Opportunities Party is supportive of the Prime Minister Chris Hipkins' instruction to the Cabinet Press Secretary to conduct a review of correspondence between Stuart Nash and his donors. However, Manji says this doesn’t go far enough because when the email exchange was first brought to the Prime Minister’s office over two years ago, no action was taken.

“There needs to be an independent inquiry into the actions of Nash and any other officials who may be engaged in similar behaviour.”

“The independent investigation must be thorough, transparent, and led by an independent body to ensure that the public can have confidence in its findings.”

The Opportunities Party believes that this independent investigation would also pave the way for the creation of an independent Anti-Corruption Commission, similar to what Australia has in place.

“Political donations and corporate lobbying in New Zealand is a murky and poorly regulated area of politics and more needs to be done to strengthen the public’s trust in our political parties, and politicians.”