About - The Opportunities Party

For New Zealand to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, we need fundamental change in the way our country is governed.

The days of an economy based on selling houses to each other, with the profits exported directly to the Australian banks, or where we continue to exploit the environment and watch carbon emissions rise along with the world’s sea levels, have to end.

National and Labour have had nearly a hundred years in Government between them. In that time, they have proven themselves beholden to vested interests, and largely lacking in the vision or leadership New Zealand needs to meet the challenges before us. As a progressive party, TOP understands we will likely never be able to govern outright. That’s why our goal is to achieve a strong minority foothold in Parliament, and to partner with the major party most prepared to help progress our agenda.

What is our agenda? It is the implementation of evidence-based policy. We want to implement policy that evidence proves will benefit the country over the long-term.

TOP’s vision is to create the greenest economy in the world through science, technology and innovation. TOP believes in our younger generation regaining access to our housing market. TOP believes in preserving and regenerating our extraordinary environment, so we are once again known internationally as God’s Own Country. TOP believes it’s time to enshrine our democratic freedoms with a constitution, and to safeguard our independence from foreign influence.

But mostly, TOP’s vision is for New Zealand to finally get a Government that will help us realise our potential as a people, and as a nation.

Incredibly, 70% of New Zealanders never change their vote in their lifetime.

In 2020, you need to ask yourself: do you believe in a modern, contemporary New Zealand, filled with a sense of national pride at our performance and success on the world stage?

Because if that’s a vision and a belief in possibility you share, then it’s time to Party Vote TOP.

New Zealand can no longer afford the same mistakes in Government.

The time has come, to Vote Different.

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The Opportunities Party Constitution can be found here.