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About - The Opportunities Party

TOP does not seek to be the government, we seek to substantially influence the policies the government of the day implements. National & Labour both have proven records in government over long periods so to us it seems pointless to reinvent either of those two wheels. We’re happy to work with either, we respect both.

Our electoral ambition is to have a sufficiently significant share of seats to get our policy priorities implemented. We envisage a cross-bench position as the most effective means to that end.

TOP takes a long term, evidence based view. Our policies aim to make most New Zealanders better off in the long term.

Our country needs to make hard choices, but in the short term people are afraid of change. The current bunch of politicians are mostly focussed on the short term goal of getting re-elected, so they avoid the tough decisions. Half the time they propose policies that won't even achieve what they say they will.  

Our goal is ultimately a fully informed public. Democracy works better if the public really understand the issues and are making an informed choice. If you are making a fully informed decision and don't end up voting for TOP, that is okay by us.

TOP is calling for members who share our vision, see a better New Zealand resulting from our political participation. 


Party Documentation

The Opportunities Party Constitution can be found here.