Tax Reform

1. Tax Reform

TOP intends to slash the tax rates on salaries and wages, and ask the owners of assets to pay more. The result is a fairer tax system.

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2. Smarter Immigration

The TOP test for migrants is: if you can improve our standard of living we welcome you. If not, thanks but no thanks.

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3. Our Environment

We should leave the environment for our descendants in no worse shape than we inherited it – and preferably in better shape.

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4. Democracy Reset

The strength of our democracy is eroding, we need to restore full public participation.

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5. Education for Life

We need to prepare our children for the 21st Century, but we still have a 20th Century education system.

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Climate Change

6. Climate Change Action

If we are smart, we can implement a climate change action policy in a way that makes us better off.

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7. Thriving Families and UBI

We'll invest in the next generation and get the richest ¼ of elderly to pay for it.

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8. Cannabis Reform

We want to legalise and regulate cannabis to reduce the harm it causes

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9. Clear Water Action

Polluters and commercial water users should pay, so that the rest of us can play in our fresh water.

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10. Alcohol Reform

Reducing overall harm caused by alcohol to both individuals and society

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Youth Unconditional Basic Income

11. Youth to Adult UBI

People starting out in adult life need support to help them reach their potential.

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Tenancy Reform Act Reform<

12. Reform of the Tenancy Act

Decent housing, regardless of whether you rent or own.

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13. Positive Justice Policy

Prison isn’t the solution - If it were, we would know by now.

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14. Better Business Policy

Boosting business through tax reform.

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15. Preventative Health Care

Putting a stop sign on the road to obesity.

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