Explore the policy we promoted in 2023 - Christchurch Plan

New Zealand’s second biggest city deserves a much stronger voice in Wellington.

Christchurch’s recovery felt like an uphill slog at times but, twelve years on, our city is starting to thrive once again. 

We’ve built back better and the Garden City now boasts world-class civic assets, more affordable homes than other parts of New Zealand and more resilient infrastructure. 

But there’s still more to do. And that requires political courage in Wellington. 


The Christchurch Plan

The Opportunities Party (TOP) is proposing a $1 billion investment package for Christchurch to address some of the critical challenges still facing us, and to deliver a vibrant and sustainable city for generations to come.

TOP leader and Ilam candidate Raf Manji spent six years as the Christchurch City Council’s “money man” and believes a suite of investments are needed to complete the rebuild program and deliver key services residents can be proud of. 

These investments focus on healthcare, transport, policing, heritage and education. TOP also has policy proposals for how we manage water services and urban planning. 


What TOP proposes

We have a vision for a world-class Christchurch and Raf Manji wants to help deliver it. 

Our investment proposals include:

  • A new South Island Cancer Center and Laboratory ($580m)
  • A new Mental Health and Trauma Center ($20m)
  • Shift to a Zero Emission Urban Bus Fleet by 2030 ($130m)
  • Roading and Footpath Repair Fund ($70m)
  • Hospital Car Parking ($30m)
  • 150 new Community Constables ($45m)
  • 10 new Police Kiosks ($5m)
  • A new South Island Police Training College ($40m)
  • Christchurch Cathedral and Arts Centre Repair Fund ($40m)
  • A new Primary/Secondary School ($40m)

The Christchurch Pitch is all about making sure our city gets the attention - and investment - it needs and deserves.