Fresh ideas for

the future.

Fresh ideas for

the future.

Explore the policy we promoted in 2023

The Teal Card

We will invest in our young people to ensure they are equipped with the skills to be resilient, thriving citizens in an increasingly challenging world.

Fully-funded healthcare for young people

Fully-funded public transport for young people

A Universal Savings boost paired with a National Civic Service program

Teal Card

A Fair Tax System

We will introduce a fairer tax system to boost incomes, provide financial security and restore dignity to the welfare system.

A tax-free threshold of $15,000

Rebalance the tax system so everyone pays their fair share

Ensuring Kiwis doing toughest are supported fairly


Climate Opportunities

We will champion transformative environmental change by investing in long-term sustainability initiatives.

Empowering farmers to be biodiversity champions

Strengthening our Emissions Trading Scheme

Decarbonising the way New Zealand moves with electric buses

Electric Car plug

Affordable Housing

We will ensure every Kiwi has the opportunity for a secure, affordable home by raising incomes, stabilising rents & house prices and increasing housing supply.

Raising incomes via a $5.8b income tax cut

A Land Value Tax to reduce property speculation and incentivise productive land use

Clearing the public housing waiting list with a $3 billion development fund for Community Housing Associations


The Christchurch Plan

We will invest in New Zealand’s second biggest city to ensure Christchurch is a vibrant and sustainable city for generations to come.

A new South Island Cancer Centre and Laboratory

Invest in community safety with 150 new Community Constables

Protecting our assets with a Heritage Repair Fund


Public Services

We need serious investment into our basic public services and our critical workers who deliver them.



Law & Order



We need to support a productive and innovative economy with the right investments and settings.





Democracy and Governance

Our democratic structure and electoral system is under strain and needs updating to reflect the realities of the 21st century.

Electoral System

Parliamentary Processes

Local Government