TOP's policy priorities

All of TOP's policies are evidence-based, and pass through our expert Policy Committee. They are based on what works - including the best of what we see overseas - not what sounds catchy or polls well. We encourage you to have a read, share them on social media, debate them with friends, and help us get conversations for positive change happening.

Universal Basic Income

Our benefit system is broken, and jobs are becoming increasingly insecure. TOP proposes a fundamental overhaul of the tax and welfare system in New Zealand to make it modern, simple and fair. This includes a Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $250 per week for everyone, no questions asked. This will end the welfare trap.

Affordable Housing and Rent

House prices and rents have been rising faster than incomes for 30 years. This is the number one driver of poverty and inequality in New Zealand but successive governments have ignored it. TOP's vision is to hold house prices and rents stable for a generation, so incomes catch up and make housing affordable again.

Smart Small Business

Small businesses are the real backbone of the NZ economy, and TOP wants to help them succeed. We will reduce paperwork, make it easier for small businesses to run, and help them to work smarter, not harder. We can have a strong economy and a thriving environment, and businesses can help us get there.

Climate Friendly Recovery

This election will see the biggest infrastructure investment of our lifetimes. We need to make sure that investment is based on sound business cases (not vote buying) and will enable Aotearoa New Zealand to reach our emissions reduction targets. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to future-proof our economy.

Opportunity to Thrive

TOP stands for a fair society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We have a number of policies to achieve this vision spanning democracy, early childhood education, education, criminal justice, alcohol, cannabis and health.