Affordable Housing

Every Kiwi deserves the opportunity for a secure, affordable home.

But when entire generations of Kiwis are being locked out of secure housing - and houses earn more than people do - we need to acknowledge that the market isn’t working.  

We’ve waited long enough for a fair housing market that ensures affordable homes for everyone. Now is the time for bold policy.

Our affordable housing policy works in tandem with our fair tax system policy. Together they’ll help Kiwis into secure homes through a fair tax system and a fair housing market.


A fair tax system

Raising incomes via a $5.8b income tax cut.

Stabilising rents & housing prices via a Land Value Tax that reduces property speculation, incentivises higher density development and encourages the productive use of land.


A fair housing market

Increasing housing supply via five critical reforms to the housing market.

  1. Removing the current Bright Line Test and allowing tax deductibility of interest for landlords, which is replaced by the Land Value Tax.
  2. Requiring a deposit of 100% of the value of an existing home when purchased for investment purposes. This ensures property investors don’t just use the value of an existing home to purchase another (reducing property speculation).
  3. Returning the GST on new residential builds back to local councils to fund infrastructure development.
  4. Clearing the public housing waiting list via the establishment of a $3 billion development fund for Community Housing Associations.  
  5. Supporting urban densification for central cities and transit nodes. Councils will be required to demonstrate that they have enough land zoned for new residential housing in line with the NPS-UD and MDRS.


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