"Jobs and incomes are increasingly insecure. Too many people are trapped in precarious work and a lack of consistent income. The welfare system lacks dignity. It’s time to boost incomes for all with a Universal Basic Income."

TOP's vision

Overhaul the tax and welfare system and introduce a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

TOP believes in people and understands that the UBI will give back power and dignity to people by:

  • Recognising the precarious nature of modern work.
  • Removing the welfare trap, because people won't lose their UBI when their earnings increase or they have a relationship.
  • Recognises and rewards critical work such as childcare and voluntary work.
  • Enable people to train or retrain.
  • Gives low paid workers the pay rise they deserve, without forcing businesses to foot the bill.

TOP will

  • $13,000 tax-free annual Universal Basic Income (UBI) to everyone.
  • $2,080 tax-free annual child UBI (paid to parents).
  • Simplify income tax with a 33% flat tax on all income from all sources for all entities.
  • A UBI and flat tax will reduce the tax burden on those who need it most.

TOP's quick bits on the UBI

TOP's UBI is fully costed and would deliver a modern and fair taxation system, whilst saving millions in bureaucracy.

A UBI replaces all benefits of a lesser value. If your current transfer was larger than the UBI (e.g. NZ Super), you will be paid the UBI plus a top-up to the same amount as the original transfer.

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