The Opportunities Party announces a fresh team to bring new ideas to Parliament at the 2023 General Election

The Opportunities Party (TOP) has today announced its list for the 2023 General Election.

“This election New Zealanders are looking for a Party that’s not left, nor right, but forward looking and future focused. And today, The Opportunities Party has announced a capable team committed to getting New Zealand on the right path,” says TOP Leader Raf Manji. 

Raf Manji, who is also TOP’s Ilam Candidate, is joined by a new Deputy Leader Natalia Albert who is number two on the Party List. Natalia is running in Wellington Central. Her expertise is in developing effective government policies, with a focus on how policies improve social cohesion among New Zealand's growing and diverse populations.    

Joining the team at number three and four are Dr Ben Peters (Dunedin) and Dr Nina Su (Epsom). Dr Peters brings a deep understanding of science, sustainability and health with a strong focus on gene editing. Dr Su is a children’s and emergency doctor in Auckland passionate about delivering medicine and education that enable people to reach their potential. 

Earlier this week TOP recorded their highest poll result of 4% in the Roy Morgan July poll. Assuming Raf wins his Ilam electorate and this result is replicated on election day, TOP would see five MPs in Parliament.

“Politics as usual in New Zealand has narrowed opportunities for many. We need a new team with fresh thinking and diverse experience.”

The Opportunities Party’s 2023 election slogan is ‘A fresh voice’. 

“We cannot depend on the traditional political parties to govern any differently than they have for generations. The time has come for something different, something new. It’s time for new ideas and a fresh voice.” 


The Opportunities Party List for the 2023 General Election:

  1. Raf Manji - Ilam
  2. Natalia Albert - Wellington Central
  3. Dr Ben Peters - Dunedin
  4. Dr Nina Su - Epsom
  5. Shai Navot - Upper Harbour
  6. Jessica Hammond - Ōhāriu
  7. Ciara Swords - Mount Albert
  8. Damian Sycamore - Auckland Central
  9. Dr Naomi Pocock - Hamilton West
  10. Abe Grey - North Shore
  11. Dr Ben Wylie-van Eerd - Hutt South
  12. Alex Corkin - Hamilton East
  13. Megan Owen - Waikato

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