Be nice. No personal attacks.

Most people think they are doing the right thing in life, and they certainly don’t set out to do nasty things. Generally they are just responding to the incentives that surround them. Challenging the status quo is important, but we have to do it without making people feel ‘bad’ for the choices they’ve made. If we have to lay blame for the problems in our society, blame the rules of the game, not the players. 

Respect everyone's time. No spam.

If you want people to read your stuff keep it brief. If you find yourself writing a couple of paragraphs you may need to go and think about re writing so you can articulate your point more clearly.

Stick to the Evidence

If you disagree with someone, it might be because you don’t think their idea will work. If that is the case, tell them why. Cite the evidence if you can; that is the great thing about the internet, this stuff is so easy to find. 

Bad Language

We are not prudes, but please keep your language in check. If you are dropping F's and C's people will not get to see your posts.

Caps lock is not required

Even if you don't intend it that way, the CAPS LOCK is the equivalent of yelling at someone on a computer.

1 account per person.

We want to talk to you. Not five different versions of you.