Dr Nina Su for Epsom

Dr Nina Su is a children’s and emergency doctor with a strong passion for evidence-based medicine, education, and equitable outcomes. She has been a doctor in the Auckland region for the last five years, working in a mix of paediatric and emergency specialties. Working through the pandemic, she saw first-hand how difficult economic environments led to worse health outcomes. Dr Nina Su is running for The Opportunities Party (TOP) in the Epsom electorate because she believes healthcare is so much more than prescription medicines and surgical operations: health is about how our environment and society is structured to enable people to reach their potential.

Through conversations with friends and colleagues, Dr Nina Su started a podcast called Revolving Door Syndrome where she invites guests to kōrero (speak) on their experiences with health, education, and the justice system. She believes that by increasing conversation and collaboration between people of different backgrounds, we can come up with effective solutions and make real change that benefits the people these systems intend to help.

Dr Nina Su has a Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Auckland and a Postgraduate Diploma in Children's Health from the University of Otago. She grew up in the small rural town Warkworth, north of Auckland before moving to Auckland for university. Her parents immigrated to New Zealand from China in the 90s. She still speaks Mandarin albeit sometimes needs help from a dictionary app!

Previously, Dr Nina Su has had trouble finding a political party that truly matched her values with an emphasis on evidence-based policy and a focus on preventative and early intervention strategies. She believes TOP can look at Aotearoa New Zealand with fresh eyes and build a better tomorrow for generations to come.