Your tax reform isn't the answer

Your tax reform isn't the answer

Like every well intentioned collection of fools, you want to help people. Good. That does not mean that the answer that seems the most compassionate is the right one, or the one which is in fact the fairest, or best for those who suffer long term. Firstly, everyone's goal is to own their own home. Nobody enjoys renting, even though some may be okay with it in exchange for another commodity of their choosing. Taxing home owners will make it harder for them to pay off their mortgage, and isn't fair in the least. Would you tax someone on their car? Would you tax someone on their guitar? Of course not, it's their property, which they paid for, with their already taxed income. Simply having a commodity that others do not have, does not entitle those without to take something from those with. Immigration is indeed an enormous issue, and stamping that down is a start. Another thing that stifles business, is tax in general. You are helping nobody with more tax. The solution to making things easier is not to tax some people way more, to make up for the rest. You are literally just demanding the redistribution of wealth through tax. The way forward, is to eliminate compulsory tax. It does not give people the freedom to choose what they endorse, and will therefore fund with their income, nor does is guarantee anyone a fair share of the utilisation of their tax money. Forcibly taking anything for a supposedly moral purpose is not moral. The only way to morally improve conditions for people who need help, is through voluntary action. The culture has to change to be more generous, and the government stepping in to do the job for everybody without their consent as to how, is the wrong course. Feel free to email me:

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