How would you help our youth reach their potential?

How would you help our youth reach their potential?

Okay. So you don't like our youth UBI policy. What would you suggest?

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    • No, no no!

      Are you serious? This is a total waste of money. No strings attached will mean that there is no requirement to spend it on doing anything worthwhile. You can't expect someone just out of school to be handed a large (to them) sum of money and expect them to make rational decisions. This will rob them of any incentive to work or train for the future. Instead, spend the money on training, lifeskills, apprenticeships and assistance into jobs. The means to earn their own living is the most worthwhile and empowering thing you can offer a young person. Remember the old proverb - give a man a fish, he will eat for one day. Teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime.

    • Free education. Free health. Full employment.

      Maybe whoever wrote this piece doesn't know what is best for young people but there are thousands of parents who do and are guiding and supporting their children as they leave home and start adult life. UBI is neo-liberal crap. It is yet another handout to the rich. Those of us who benefited from growing up in the 50's and 60's can remember full employment, good free education and cheap health. We know it can be done if the political will is there.

    • No thanks

      That sounds like the perfect way to foster an attitude of entitlement which already seems so prevalent in our generation. Why not use that money to fund apprenticeships and further subsidise tertiary education in fields that are in demand. This sounds like a classic handout to exactly the wrong group of people.

    • Serious?

      I would give young people a hand up ie use the funding to provide life and employment skills as some providers are struggling to do now, reducing the cost of tertiary education, start up grants for businesses, support for those doing apprenticeships etc. I see the UBI as a hand out that will encourage a culture of people sitting on there bums gaming, drinking and bludging rather than working for what they receive.

    • Support study and work programmes directly

      When I was a 'youth' not so long ago, everyone I knew (including myself) spent all their money on socialising (aka booze) and travel (and yes, the cheapest possible rent and food to allow more socialising budget if they didn't live at home which many did). I have no problem with this, the young should have lots of fun and adventures! However the tax payer should not fund those adventures. It is a fact that plenty of youth would spend that $10,000 swanning around Europe. Some would spent it wisely I'm sure, but that's not good enough to justify the expenditure of precious tax dollars. Support the youth in their study and work training - things that contribute to their long term prospects and the greater good of society. BIG DOWN VOTE on this policy!

    • Free money doesn't exist.

      Write off student loans and fund apprenticeships. There should be no such thing as free money. Free money doesn't exist.