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The problems with this policy, and its good points.

The problems with this policy, and its good points.

The idea is mainly sound, but I believe that raising the age is not a good idea. The taxing alcohol is a brilliant idea and that money could be used as you said in addiction. But I think It is more important to focus on youth being taught to drink sensibly and how it doesn't have to end with alcohol poisoning. If the age is raised you will just have an huge problem with underage drinking, and you will be pushing teens to drink in secret. The teens will still drink they will just do it in a less regulated manner, bars at least try to send the drunks home, that not going to happen at teen parties. It will not stop the teen alcohol deaths it will just make them happen at 20 not 18 just look at the examples overseas. If this were to happen at all I would be allot more open to a policy biased on Germany where 18 year olds can drink beer and wine but you have to be 20 to buy spirits. Overall if you are old enough to vote, drive, get married and smoke you should be old enough to have a Saturday night beer with the boys.

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