This encourages not to work and not to buy house and stay on dol.

This encourages not to work and not to buy house and stay on dol.

This is most destructive policy if this goes in action. For example I own the house and brought 20 months ago and have 50% equity. Me and my one of work mate started same job together 6 years ago. I worked 70+ hours to save the deposit and same hours to pay more towards the mortgage. My workmate work less hours and spend all on pubs, wines, and overseas trips and still living in rented single room. Do you think I work extraand hard without any holidays for year to pay tax for those kind of people who do not want to work or save? We work hard to increase our equity so one day we can also enjoy our life. If you think housing affordability then some people are always on debit and some people pay mortgage, rates, insurance from similar pay and still save to pay extra mortgage. If this policy applies then I better of to sell my house and work part time. How about this people getting old and on low income now and paid mortgage in decades and you want them to pay huge tax because they have higer equity. It would be greatest punishment ever for hard worker and good savers. If you are happy to pay $25k extra every year then I suggest you to put that money in donation. We are not rich like you and we still have 15 more years pay mortgage to pay rest of 50% equity.

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  • James Turnbull
    commented 2016-12-09 02:15:23 +1300
    No need to worry at all here Amar Sandhu … all of these proposals will be phased in over time ( it seems ) and the elderly will be allowed to mortgage their house to IRD to pay the The Tax for the fictional income derived Front Living In Your Own Home. I came up with a more appropriate acronym but the whole post was censored … wonders if censorship is Policy No 2 ?

    Of course IRD will also want ‘use of money interest’ and this completely eliminates the need for death duties … in fact if you lived longer than the value of your home was being devoured by IRD then you’d pass on a debt through your estate as opposed to the inheritance you hoped for to your children… But IRD might allow a mortgage on your children;s lives ( I know, that sounds like enslavement but they’ll find a nicer more PC name )

    And of course when we have flat lined house prices ( which seems to be advocated as the German key to successful economic success ) then the equity in your own home will diminish that much faster …
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