New Zealand must become a climate-ready country.

We are in a climate crisis. The storms, droughts and wildfires are going to keep coming, and get worse.

Current and future generations of New Zealanders are counting on us to reduce our emissions, regenerate our natural world and prepare for the impacts of a changing climate. 

The Opportunities Party is committed to urgent, bold climate action that ensures a just transition to a climate-resilient economy.

We will:

  • Work with all sides of the political spectrum to build climate policy that delivers genuine climate mitigation and adaptation.  
  • Support the decarbonisation of our energy, industrial and transport system with long-term investment into low-carbon infrastructure.
  • Review the role of Forestry in the Emissions Trading Scheme to support sustainable land-use and rural communities. 
  • Support rapid introduction of the National Adaptation Plan.
  • Explore a Cap and Trade system for reducing methane emissions.
  • Reward proven sustainable farming initiatives that aim to regenerate local ecosystems with Biodiversity Credits.


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