"We are in a climate crisis, and there is no time to waste. TOP has the right policies to address the challenge and put the environment on the agenda no matter who is in power."

TOPs vision

We must have a political party with real bargaining power in government to fight for our environment.

TOP is committed to a healthy environment, and will invest heavily in long term sustainability and climate change action.

TOP will

  • Charge polluters to ensure they pay for the true costs of their activity.
  • Double the price of carbon and phase out free credits.
  • Build more energy-efficient homes and healthier communities.
  • Encourage denser housing around public transport.
  • Ensure we plant the right trees in the right places.
  • Charge businesses for commercialising our water.
  • Support mode shift to public transport, e-bikes and electric vehicles through targeted subsidies.
  • Eradicate predators and improve biodiversity.
  • Support initiatives such as planting riverbanks and erosion-prone land.

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