Fairness by definition would exclude taxing the family home.

Fairness by definition would exclude taxing the family home.

In an ideal & ultimately fair world, everyone will own their own home. No one would rent. (Maybe short term visitors) The basic need of shelter would not be a source of wealth for a minority population of investors. (Not talking about tourists & travellers) Homes are not investments. The price of building materials needs looked at seriously in NZ in context of global comparison. 2 major NZ building supply companies have been found guilty of collusion & price fixing. I guess the fine was a small price. There are a number of ways to reduce or eliminate house price increasing beyond affordability. These measures would be non PC, appear to threaten a free market & be unpopular among the wealthy or those trying to be wealthy. It would also take more courage than the NZ government or NZ people could muster. But they would work.

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    • Ant Brown
      commented 2016-12-20 10:17:21 +1300
      Tim. I looked at your links. I see you do have some good suggestions re immigration policy & transactional tax. These are your opinions. I agree with them. You comment about my heading being a blatant lie is an incorrect definition. My opinion is that fairness to NZers includes everyone having the opportunity to own their own home. That’s what the heading says in essence. Let’s focus on the issues & not attack the person.
      Re your comment about people making an effort before you’d be willing to help them. That’s a big subject. But effort & reward aren’t always in direct proportion. Many young couples, both working full time will struggle to own a home. Yet children of wealthy investors will be placed in their own home. Many NZers will compete against wealthy foreign investors at property auctions, missing out every time.
      Re your defensive stance on the cost of building in NZ. I singled out the cost of materials.
      I’ve received reports about NZ timber products being cheaper to buy in Australia than in NZ. That doesn’t make sense does it? NZ has higher building material costs than comparable 1st world countries. That could be for a number of reasons. One example is that 2 major NZ building supply companies have been price fixing & fined by the commerce commission.
      If you have further suggestions on fixing the housing crisis, I’d be glad to hear them. The ones you’ve already put forward seem logical.
    • Tim O’Donnell
      commented 2016-12-19 23:23:20 +1300
      I find this subject very serious & here’s some suggestions to prove it. There are more. http://www.top.org.nz/63114/no_foreign_person_or_entity_should_be_able_to_buy_nz_land
    • Tim O’Donnell
      commented 2016-12-19 23:19:32 +1300
      Yes I read the rules, this was a reasonable comment since your heading was a blatent lie. Also I disagree with your main points. First this is a party about evidence based policy so the heading wasn’t a good start. Unfortunately you can change the content here but not the heading. Second if everyone had their own house it wouldn’t be fair because not everyone makes an effort. Many people would have to pay for others to sit on their butts doing nothing. I’m happy to help others that make an effort to help themselves. I have many suggestions on this forum but unfortunately only a couple would help (but not fix) the housing crisis. Feel free to make comments on mine (positive or negative). The margins made on the way to the builder are minimal otherwise they don’t get the work. You can always get cheaper product but the risk is you end up like Wellington with new buildings that fail on their first trial. Compliance has become a large cost that never used to be there. Every new house has scaffold or safety nets etc….. how much do you think that adds to a new build?
    • Ant Brown
      commented 2016-12-15 23:11:22 +1300
      Thanks for your comment Tim. Do read the site rules. If you aren’t happy with the heading that’s fine. That can be reworded. Let’s try to contain sarcasm & keep focus on the issues. Did you actually read the content? The policies proposed by TOP are radical & challenging. There are a lot of practical & sensible suggestions & Im trying to understand, as would many I think I speak for, how taxing the family home will help the many. This is serious stuff. Be serious & keep focused.
    • Tim O’Donnell
      commented 2016-12-15 21:55:00 +1300
      That’s in the dictionary as a definition for fairness? What a coincidence that works for your argument
    • Ant Brown
      published this page in How would you make New Zealand Fair Again? 2016-12-14 13:10:02 +1300