Alex Corkin for Hamilton East

Alex Corkin is a technology specialist who works as a software engineer, product manager, and tech strategist. For years, he has fostered growth and transformation for his diverse clientele; now wants to do the same for his country. Alex is passionate about ensuring every Kiwi has the opportunities they need to reach their full potential - that’s what motivated him to run as The Opportunities Party (TOP)’s candidate in Hamilton East.

Alex discovered that TOP was the only political party having the kind of conversations he was having with his friends and family, and he was thrilled that their policies focus on addressing the core challenges Kiwis face: housing, tax, and climate change. He believes New Zealand needs TOP in the Beehive to bring these issues to the table without getting tangled in the political promises of the other major parties.

When Alex looks into the future, he envisages New Zealand as an ambitious, capable, and productive nation. A country where starting or investing in a business holds more value than acquiring yet another investment property. He believes in a society where individuals are supported by both their communities and the government, enabling them to pursue their best lives and become their best selves.

In his free time, Alex cherishes spending time with his wife and two children, and on the weekends you can find him enthusiastically cheering from the sidelines at his kids’ Saturday morning sports. In his career, Alex helps clients find solutions and transform their companies for the better; as an elected MP, he will be driven to do the same thing for all of New Zealand.