Abe Gray for North Shore

Abe Gray is a botanist and recognised expert in the field of medicinal cannabis who has spent the past two decades working as an educator, community activist, science communicator, and political figure. He has a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in Botany from the University of Otago.

Abe's passion for politics developed at an early age when he saw the effects of the War on Drugs in his hometown of Minneapolis, USA. After witnessing police brutality first-hand in the 1990s, he immigrated to New Zealand for a better life and, while studying at Otago University, he quickly became involved in grassroots politics. His deep-seated interest in public education and activism makes Abe a natural in the political landscape and he is proud to be standing for The Opportunities Party (TOP) in the North Shore electorate.

Since 2019, Abe has lived all over New Zealand as he accompanied his wife while she completed her urology surgical training. Now settled in Auckland with their two children, Abe has a unique perspective on the challenges faced by young families across the country. Passionate about TOP’s policies from the start, Abe believes TOP is the only party that can bridge the political divide and deliver the true change that the next generation desperately needs.

In 2013, Abe founded New Zealand’s only Cannabis Museum which gained national recognition during its eight years of operation first in Dunedin and then in Christchurch. He is currently working to reestablish the museum in Takapuna.