ANZAC Fairness

ANZAC Fairness

Parity with Australian immigration/emigration policy, especially with regards to the military. It is quite against the ANZAC spirit that Australians are welcomed into our military with open arms whilst we are given no dispensation for their citizenship criteria. The same can be said for other government benefits. The

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    • Robert Murray
      commented 2016-11-26 11:41:55 +1300
      The reciprocity of access should be equal – another example is restrictions on foreign land ownership. Tit for tat has been the traditional method and I’m not sure that NZ setting an example is working.
    • Graeme Kiyoto-Ward
      commented 2016-11-25 22:05:58 +1300
      This looks like to tit for tat. Sure, it seems unfair but actually, I’m not sure anyone in NZ is suffering from Australians coming to live in NZ. Maintain the high ground and leave things as they are. I suspect if you did the numbers, Australians that come to NZ are following jobs rather than welfare. All this will do is head us down a spiral where we further distance ourselves from the Australians.
    • Graeme Kiyoto-Ward
      tagged this with dislike 2016-11-25 22:05:57 +1300
    • Tim O’Donnell
      commented 2016-11-25 16:52:44 +1300
      I agree with the fact we should offer Oz citizens the same benefits they offer us. We can’t have it a one way street where they get all the benefits when moving here & our citizens get nothing when we move there. It should be equal
    • Tim O’Donnell
      tagged this with important 2016-11-25 16:52:43 +1300
    • Bart Brichau
      tagged this with low priority 2016-11-25 14:48:05 +1300
    • Johan Vivier
      published this page in Suggestions 2016-11-25 12:38:54 +1300