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Opportunities for all

Tax Reform

1. Tax reform policy

TOP intends to slash the tax rates on salaries and wages, and ask the owners of assets to pay more. The result is a fairer tax system.

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2. Immigration and refugee policy

The TOP test for migrants is: if you can improve our standard of living we welcome you. If not, thanks but no thanks.

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3. Environmental policy

We should leave the environment for our descendants in no worse shape than we inherited it – and preferably in better shape.

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4. Democracy reset policy

The strength of our democracy is eroding, we need to restore full public participation.

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5. Education policy and life-long learning

We need to prepare our children for the 21st Century, but we still have a 20th Century education system.

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Climate Change

6. Climate change action policy

If we are smart, we can implemennt a climate change action policy in a way that makes us better off.

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7. The UBI and Thriving Families policy

We'll invest in the next generation and get the richest ¼ of elderly to pay for it.

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Latest news and updates

Stay up to date with our ideas and how they will make sure all New Zealanders get a fair go and a prosperous future.

Three Things We Have Learnt About Our Rivers This Week

In recent weeks we have seen a spate of reports about the state of our fresh water. First, we had a report from the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser and yesterday another from Statistics NZ and the Ministry for the Environment. On the back of yesterday’s report was the startling (though belated) realisation from the Government that growth has to come from adding value, not more volume. We have distilled three key lessons from these reports, but they all point to the same fact: that the Government isn’t dealing with the actual problems faced by our fresh water.

How many people do you want living in New Zealand?

Firstly an admission - personally I don’t want 10 million people living in New Zealand which is how many the current rate of immigration will deliver in 40 years. One of the things I love about coming back here from overseas is the fact that we have so much space....

New Foreign Minister so gullible – and on his first day!

One thing about North Korea (DPRK) – and for that matter South Korea (ROK) – is that hyperbole is stock-in-trade in political speak. The rhetoric more often than not gets in the way of the reality of what is being asserted or claimed. For us in the West, the Koreans...

Responsible Immigration: Sorting Fact From Fiction

On the back of National’s tinkering and the kneejerk reaction from Labour and New Zealand First, immigration looks set to be an election issue. It certainly is important, but we need to have a conversation based on the facts, rather than hysteria and xenophobia. Let’s review a few of the...

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