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HOT OFF THE PRESS! - We have just released our first policy - Learn more about how we are going to make the tax system fair

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Speaking Notes for Tax Reform Launch

I'm standing outside Prime Minister John Key's mansion because in launching TOP's flagship policy, I want to make a point about inequality in New Zealand.  John Key and I are both wealthy people, but we don't pay our fair share of tax, only because we don't have to. TOP's flagship...

Key Indicators of New Zealand’s Inequality Eruption

INCOME TRENDS While household incomes have gradually risen since 1982, wealthier families have seen a much greater rise compared to those that earn an average or low income. Recent trends show this is only getting worse, and those on the lowest incomes are falling further behind. In fact, those in...

Money Isn’t Everything – Unless You Don’t Have Any

We’ve had a lot of people get in touch about how TOP plans to measure prosperity. This issue is important but complex, and there are no easy answers. Instead the focus needs to be on the even more important issue of making sure that the way our economy is run actually makes us all...

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