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We seek to improve the well-being of New Zealand families – now and into the future. Join us and make a difference.

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Opportunities for all

Tax Reform

1. Tax reform policy

TOP intends to slash the tax rates on salaries and wages, and ask the owners of assets to pay more. The result is a fairer tax system.

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2. Immigration and refugee policy

The TOP test for migrants is: if you can improve our standard of living we welcome you. If not, thanks but no thanks.

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3. Environmental policy

We should leave the environment for our descendants in no worse shape than we inherited it – and preferably in better shape.

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4. Democracy reset policy

The strength of our democracy is eroding, we need to restore full public participation.

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5. Education policy and life-long learning

We need to prepare our children for the 21st Century, but we still have a 20th Century education system.

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Climate Change

6. Climate change action policy

If we are smart, we can implement a climate change action policy in a way that makes us better off.

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7. The UBI and Thriving Families policy

We'll invest in the next generation and get the richest ¼ of elderly to pay for it.

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8. The Real Deal Cannabis Reform

We want to legalise and regulate cannabis to reduce the harm it causes

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Latest news and updates

Stay up to date with our ideas and how they will make sure all New Zealanders get a fair go and a prosperous future.

Is it Time for Action on Alcohol?

During our research into the extent of harm from cannabis prohibition that we published last week, we uncovered alarming data on harm from alcohol. And of course it is legal, and its regulation has been relaxed over the last decade or two. The question is whether we have become too liberal with our alcohol laws. Certainly compared with what we recommended for cannabis that seems to be the case. 

Budget 2017 – A mixed bag

Budget 2017 was a valiant attempt to play catch-up on a bunch of issues that we have refused to deal with for many years now. It was a good try but inevitably it fell short. 

Budget 2017 & TOP’s solutions

Let’s be honest; Budget 2017 will be the same old, same old. The Government will take our money and offer it back to us in a lolly scramble, while the opposition will cry out that it is not enough. It will be a continuation of the same, fiddling around the...

Gareth Morgan Announces The Opportunities Party (TOP) First Set of Candidates

“I’m proud to announce our first set of candidates,” says The Opportunities Party Leader Dr Gareth Morgan. “They are all top quality people who are committed to offering Kiwis evidence based solutions to the problems we face. These are the kinds of people we need in Parliament.”

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