Share your story with us: What opportunities do you want for yourself, for your family, for New Zealand?

TOP is all about restoring opportunities that are slipping away from everyday Kiwis, and getting policies in place to secure a brighter future.

Tell us your story of lost opportunities and your hopes for new ones. Upload a few photos, and we'll share your story, like the one you see on this page, and we'll share a few with a hashtag #KiwiOpps.

If we make the national conversation about missing Kiwi opportunities, we are going have a huge impact on the election this year, and beyond!

Kiwi Opportunities

“Caring about the environment isn’t just for hippies nowadays. As a PhD in Accounting who’s studied business for 20 years, I worry about clean swimmable rivers, sure, but more so I worry if our impact on the climate is going to create a world that’s unsafe for my kids to live in.

The Labour government put in an emissions trading scheme to limit our use of carbon, then when National came in they kept it to look like they were doing the right thing, but they completely gutted it.

They made it profitable to pollute while ignoring the biggest opportunity for growth – sustainability-oriented businesses! Regenerative agriculture, energy efficiency initiatives… ALL long-term growth opportunity is in sustainable industries.

For me, it’s about finding solutions to real problems that actually are gonna fix those problems, and not just things that we like the sound of, or things that fit within a belief system. We need leaders with ideas that are actually going to get the job done, and work with everyone to make it happen.”

– Jenny, Tawa

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