Winston And Our Broken Welfare System

Full credit to Winston Peters for paying back the extra money he received from the taxpayer through superannuation over payments. But doesn’t the fact that he didn’t even notice the mistake show how broken our benefit system really is?

We don’t know how many bottles of whiskey or packets of cigarettes Winston bought with his taxpayer funded over payment, and that’s not our business. We do know that with an annual income of close to $200,000 a year, Winston doesn’t need a full $20,000 extra from the workers of today to keep him in the manner to which he has become accustomed.

That’s why TOP is planning to means test the second $10,000 of NZ Super, and pass the savings on to young families with children under three, through a $200 per week Unconditional Basic Income. We’ll also be using the National Party’s middle and upper-class tax cut package to give the same UBI to young New Zealanders aged 18 to 23.

Winston’s overpayment isn’t a reflection on his character, it is the personification of the inter-generational unfairness that none of the old establishment parties are prepared to address.