"The biggest wasted vote is voting for the same old polictical parties and expecting things to change. You have to now ask yourself, are you willing to stand up for what you believe in?"

The Problem:

  • In 2017 10% of Kiwis wanted to see TOP in Parliament, but they were worried about a wasted vote, so they didn't vote for TOP.
  • Regardless of who wins the election, either National or Labour will need someone to govern with.

TOP's approach

  • TOP can be the partner or 'King maker' for any government- we haven't ruled another party out, like ACT, the Greens or NZ First have. TOP will work with either National or Labour.
  • That gives TOP real bargaining power, so we can focus on getting our policies implemented. It also means that if TOP gets into Parliament there is less chance we would be twiddling our thumbs on the opposition benches.
  • We’ll make sure real change really does happen and not just pay lip service to change.

TOP has the skills and expertise you want at the cabinet table during this critical time.

If you vote for what you believe in, it is never a wasted vote.

Don't leave change to chance.