How to win an election 101

How to win an election 101

Looking at the big picture , NZ does need another political party to counter balance the proliferation of right wing conservative parties . So I applaud Gareth for taking the bold lead here . But oh , what a disastrous start with this 1st policy . TOPs has hit rock bottom with this one . The political animal in me knows this is a total vote killer . This does nothing to win the hearts and minds of the people . Labour tried a capital gains tax on property in the last election . They lost . So there is a lesson there . Why repeat history by raising the tax spectra as the No1 policy ?. Its political suicide . There are so many other issues confronting NZ at this time to lead and inspire the populace with . If you want to go where no party has gone before Gareth there are a hundred more popular vote catching ways to start with . For instance start with putting more money in everyones pockets by reducing New Zealanders energy costs so that all Kiwis can benefit from the savings . We have some of the highest electricity costs in the world thanks in part to privatisation and deregulation of the energy sector . Follow Elon Musks example from Tesla by powering the economy with cheap affordable solar energy . Its easy . Make very roof in NZ a solar energy producer and pay households for producing energy for the national grid . Then bring in rebates and tax incentives for buying electric and hydrogen vehicles to power the transport fleet so NZer’s can begin to participate in and benefit from the world wide move away from more expensive polluting fossil fuels . Expensive for us and the environment . Its time NZ led the world in renewal energy and cheap clean energy transport systems . This is Tops’s chance so show they have a real vision that impacts us all in a positive way . Make NZ great again by leading with green technologies the world needs now . If Elon Musk ( Telsa ) can create 35,000 jobs doing just this , so can NZ . But wait .There’s more . If you want to gather more tax revenue for a fairer NZ the answer is simple . Do what Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau has done for Canada . Last year he got voted in on a policy of legalising marijuana and taxing it . If Canada , Colorado , Washington , Oregon , Alaska California plus numerous countries around the world can , then so can New Zealand legalise and tax Marijuana . Here is your increased tax revenue to pay for free education including new universities and schools . More money for health with no more waiting lists for hospitals and free or subsidised doctors visits . Plus it would provide the revenue stream for building a new national electrified rail network throughout NZ so NZ businesses can transport goods more cheaply . Yes revenue from Marijuana sales is that good of a revenue producer . Just look at what its done for Colorado alone . I’ve been there and seen it . And thats just 2 vote winning policies for starters . Wanna hear another 98 or so ?. Simon Lynn .

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All 7 of our policy priorities are about much needed reforms that will make New Zealand a better place for us all to live in. We haven’t formulated them with the purpose of offering election bribes or handouts to people just so they vote for us. In fact as I have said from Day One, The Opportunities Party is about making New Zealand a better place, giving more opportunities to more people because we don’t believe you can build sustainable prosperity on an unfair society. 

What’s more I have said that I have a strong belief that when most people get full information they make totally rational, as opposed to purely self-interested, decisions. With the first policy on tax reform 80% of people will be better off so it would be against even pure self-interest for us not to be supported by 80% of people on that policy. For the other 20% I simply ask the question - do you care about the rise in inequality that has occurred over the last 25 years, does it concern  you at all that the way we’re going,  your children won’t be able to afford the rent let alone buy a house. There will be some in that 20% - like Paul Henry say - who reply they don’t give a toss. That’s fine they have one vote, just like everybody else.

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