Vanilla budget lacks ambition, says The Opportunities Party

The Opportunities Party (TOP) has expressed disappointment in the Government’s 2023 budget announcement - criticising the lack of long-term ambition in addressing New Zealand’s systemic problems. Leader of the The Opportunities Party, Raf Manji, emphasises the missed opportunity to secure a fairer future for all, especially our young people.

Manji believes “Labour's sixth budget, whilst helpful, still does not address the structural deficits in our infrastructure and core public services. There is a lack of ambition in addressing New Zealand’s key issues. We believe in investing in our future and creating a fairer society for all New Zealanders."

Four key areas have not been addressed:

  • Our tax system remains unbalanced and unfair. 
  • More investment in our young people is needed. 
  • There is no serious commitment to fund the community housing sector. 
  • And no clear long-term plan to invest in our infrastructure. 

We would:

  1. Introduce a tax-free threshold of $15,000 through our Tax Switch - we will build a fairer economy where all of us can afford the essentials, work is rewarded and those doing it toughest are fairly supported.
  2. Invest $1.5 billion in our young people through the Teal Card, which will deliver fully funded public transport, fully-funded healthcare and a universal savings boost paired with a national civic service for people up to the age of 30.
  3. Establish a $3 billion development fund for Community Housing Associations to build homes and communities. 
  4. Implement a $200b 30-year infrastructure plan to deliver strategic investment in key areas, supporting the needs of our future generations.

Manji concluded, "The Opportunities Party is a party for fairness. We believe all New Zealanders deserve a genuine opportunity for a good life but to get there, we need to confront our systemic problems with bold, smart policy. That’s exactly what we will deliver.”