Vanessa Lee

List candidate - Tauranga

Vanessa Lee - The Opportunities Party

I grew up in Tauranga during the seventies and eighties; at a time when we took pride in being a middle class society that didn’t bear witness to the extremes of wealth and poverty.

Some kids at school had more toys than others, went on more holidays and had bigger houses but we all ate breakfast and lunch, and all went home to a warm, secure, and dry environment.

Ultimately, we saw each other as equals. We all had roughly similar opportunities, despite differences in our backgrounds. 

Working in local media means I often witness the reality of life on the poverty line. It breaks my heart to see the same cars parked in the same parks every day knowing the kids inside are experiencing a life vastly different to that of my own at the same age – their choices and dreams are limited by immediate risks and stresses.

As a single parent I understand the struggle. I understand that an increasing number of families are in constant survival mode as they face high food costs and astronomical housing costs.

The Opportunities Party’s Unconditional Basic Income of $200/week for young families will give them a breather; a chance to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Decent Housing for Decent People will create a secure and dignified means of living and provide children with warm, dry and stable home environments.

I am standing for The Opportunities Party because I know these policies will have a real impact on the quality of life for these families and provide them real opportunities to achieve a better life for themselves and others in their community.

By reducing inequality and opening up real opportunities for our young people will help lower our current appalling teenage suicide rate. I’m proud to advocate TOP policies that will empower kids imprisoned by a poverty to follow their dreams and have faith in their futures.

As candidate for TOP I want to inspire families to vote for the only party that truly represents change. Not just in policy but in how we function as a country – we can, and must do better.