Universal Basic Income (UBI)

"21st-century incomes are insecure. It's time for a 21st-century tax and welfare system."


TOP is proposing a fundamental overhaul of the tax and welfare systems in Aotearoa New Zealand to make it modern, simple and fair. 

TOP's UBI and tax reform is fully costed and will save millions in bureaucracy. 

Those on welfare transfers larger than the UBI will be topped up to the original.

The Problem:

  • The cost of living is skyrocketing.
  • Jobs, incomes and the gig economy are increasingly insecure.
  • We have an undignified, punitive and expensive welfare system, that forces people into a welfare trap.
  • We need to recognise critical unpaid labour such as childcare and volunteer work.
  • We need to enable people to take time out to retrain.

TOP's solutions:

  • $13,000 tax-free annual Universal Basic Income (UBI) to everyone.
  • $2,080 tax-free annual child universal basic income (paid to parents).
  • Simplify income tax with a 33% flat tax on all income from all sources for all entities.
  • A UBI and flat tax will reduce the tax burden on those who need it most.

Find out how much better off you are with a UBI:

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Page last updated on 10-Sep 2020