TOP's commitment for 2020

At TOP HQ our post-election “breather” is now over and it’s time to gear up for the next election. You may have heard the announcement this morning, shedding some light on TOP’s future. We are going through some pretty significant changes, however rest assured that these are all in the interests of giving us the best chance to be successful going forward.

One of the big shifts is our intention to pass some of the responsibility on to you. We’re looking forward to developing a couple more policy areas in 2018/19 in conjunction with submissions and discussion with our party members. We had some great success with this process during the election when we developed our cannabis and alcohol policies through member submission, and we plan to continue this relationship. We also want to turn TOP into a movement, starting from the grassroots, after all, having a strong membership is the cornerstone of any organisation. So, if you feel passionate about what we are trying to achieve, feel like you can help, or want to get involved in our next batch of policy, make sure you sign up here.

If you missed the announcements this morning, here’s an update:

  • Our day-to-day activity will be centered around our policy development and comms unit at HQ. We will continue to engage with the public and champion the importance of best practice policy.
  • As well, of course, we’ll be providing a TOP perspective on policy developments from the new government – Benchmarking them against TOP best practice policy.
  • We will be looking to grow ‘areas of influence’; regional groups of members and candidates working mostly autonomously to help build our follower base.

We are also announcing a significant change to our leadership. 

  • While Gareth intends to remain as Party Chairperson he will not be the political leader for the party in 2020. It has always been with great reluctance that he has put his name forward in that capacity and so has decided to remove the ambiguity and let others compete for the political leadership role. He will remain as political leader until we determine a new political leadership, most probably well before the end of 2018.

Finally we would like to pass on our compliments of the season to you all, thank you for your support during this our political debut, and trust you will take advantage of this terrific summer weather to enjoy the festive season with your families.

The TOP team.


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  • Oliver Krollmann
    followed this page 2017-12-16 07:49:35 +1300
  • Christopher Cookson
    commented 2017-12-15 12:55:30 +1300
    That’s a step in the right direction. Gareth has some good ideas, but I think sometimes he’s too inflexible, and certainly not the best front person for the party. I’d personally be OK talking with Gareth even if he managed to insult me, as I’d ignore him and look at his policy. The trouble is you can’t do that to the general voting public, and there also needs to be the recognition that there needs to be compromise.
    I would love to have gone out and talked more about the merits of TOP policy, but some of the social media antics by Gareth and his media guy Sean Plunkett left me feeling embarrassed even if I saw plenty of merit in the policy.
    I’ve met other people like Gareth before, who are basically good people at heart, but manage to be incredibly good at offending people. In politics you have to win hearts and minds, not just have the best ideas. For an evidence based party, ignoring behavioural evidence seemed a bit foolish, but hopefully now there’s an effort to correct that.
    Gareth is an economist, so most of the ‘evidence’ seemed to have an emphasis on economics, but I think you’ve got to get physical sciences, life sciences, economics, sociology, anthropology all working together as the foundation for ‘evidence’.
    Personally, I’d give more weight to physical sciences, as you’re dealing with tangible stuff that the universe is actually made of, whereas economics is based to some extent on intangible ideas that assume a certain kind of human society. Work out the physical models you want to apply, and then develop economic models that support them.
    TOP actually did pretty well with its cannabis policy, recognising that the stuff is harmful, but also recognising that people do use it, and the current system isn’t working. There was something in that policy for everyone; those concerned about drug harm, those who use cannabis, and those concerned about funding government programmes.
    Unfortunately, there didn’t seem the same ability to compromise over the tax policy, and I think that is what sunk TOP. It was pretty much of a case of ‘like it or lump it’, and if you have any reservations you’re stupid, greedy, or some other unflattering adjective.
    Given that was promoted as the flagship policy over and above everything else, it was too polarising.
    It should have been presented as “Here is TOP’s ideal way of implementing the policy, but if you can’t buy into it like this, here are some other ways it can be implemented that might not be as effective, but will still be better than the status quo.”
  • Ray McKeown
    commented 2017-12-14 22:22:38 +1300
    Thanks for the honesty and trying Gareth. It will be great to keep putting forward thoughtful policy if only we can figure out a way to get people wanting to listen to anything other than who offers the best bribe.
  • Olive Hill
    commented 2017-12-14 20:07:56 +1300
    Congratulations Gareth. Please keep actively involved, as YOU are the heart and intelligence of TOP. I look forward to seeing who is going to step up and take the figure head role. Please keep us all involved. I think NZ’ers need to wake up to your ideas and work towards a better, fairer society for our children. I want to live in a NZ where everyone has enough. Some will always have a lot more, but the majority should be able to live comfortably. 👍🏻
  • John Hyndman
    commented 2017-12-14 07:51:21 +1300
    TOP has been drifting since the election. We desperately need a charismatic frontperson. Gareth has done a good job but he is clearly not interested in entering Parliament and I am pleased he has indicated his intention to step down. His real contribution will be shaping policy and co-ordinating the engine room activities. The leader is an all important role. This is the age of presidential style elections and it is essential we find a suitable person possessing charm,ability and leadership qualities. Are there plans to hold an AGM?
  • Jeff Cameron
    commented 2017-12-14 07:20:11 +1300
    I am a member and am happy to help. You do need a candidate for the Coromandel, someone charismatic and respected ideally. I am not it BTW, but maybe you could create a FB group to help members and others interested to co-ordinate activities under “Your” guidance?
  • Mel Szentiványi
    commented 2017-12-14 07:13:59 +1300
    If you’d like to grow in the Coromandel, would love to help! Great work TOP.