TOP Launches Stop Peters Campaign

With the polls closing in just ten days The Opportunities Party has launched a strategic voting campaign designed to remove Winston Peters and New Zealand First from their position as monarch makers in the New Zealand election.

While still hopeful of a five percent plus outcome on election night TOP believes that for either a National or Labour Government to make any progress on the important issues facing New Zealand the regressive, racist and divisive politics of Winston Peters and his party must be removed from any post-election equation.

To that end the Party has identified 13 electorates it is standing in where, on current polling figures, the Labour and National candidates will enter parliament on their party lists.

To ensure TOP is in a position to stop the backwards conservatism of NZF holding sway over any New Government the party is calling on National and Labour voters in the following electorates to make their local vote count by ticking top,

Vote for these candidates

Auckland Central - Mika Haka

Mt Albert - Dan Thurston

Manukau East - Ted Faleauto Johnson

North Shore - Matthew Isbister

Rodney - Brittany Owens

Mt Roskill - Clint Ulyatt

East Coast - Lesley Immink

Hutt South - Richard Warwick

Ohariu - Jessica Hammond Doube

Wellington Central - Co-deputy leader Geoff Simmons

Rongatai - Paddy Plunket

Christchurch Central - Douglas Hill

Dunedin North - Abe Grey

National and Labour voters who care about the future of the country and can think about the advantages of having three local MPs in their area must vote to stop NZF holding their parties to ransom. They can maximise the power of their votes and give TOP their electorate tick. 

TOP doesn’t expect National and Labour to endorse this campaign, their old establishment approach is what has kept Mr Peters around for the past 31 years of MMP.

The STOP Peters campaign will be reinforced through newspaper, social media and billboard messaging while the candidates above will be asking their National and Labour opponents if they really want to do a deal with New Zealand First.