Meet the TOP Board

Peter Lee

Peter is the founder and principal of Ethical Investing NZ, an award-winning ethical financial planning consultancy. Along with financial experience, he is also an experienced corporate marketer. Peter is deeply involved in the sustainable business sector and the force for good it can be for NZ society, and was a founder-director of the Sustainable Business Network. He is married to Val (a veterinary nurse) and loves tramping and walking.

Peter has had a long interest in politics - in the late 1990s he was a board member and candidate for the Progressive Greens, an innovative evidence-based centrist political party. He has over 20 years of Board level experience including being the former chair of the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi, a major Auckland conservation volunteer group.

Image of Peter Lee

My personal mission is to use my skills to build a more sustainable world, and see TOP as having a major role to play in this, with its innovative third-way approach to solutions.

Anne French

Anne is a strategy and R&D consultant, running her own company for 25 years. She first volunteered for TOP in 2017 and has been a member of the TOP Policy Committee since 2020. Anne led two big pieces of policy development for the 2020 election, the Gene Editing policy and the Innovation policy. Her first career was in academic publishing and her second was in research funding. Anne is an experienced fund-raiser and strategist.

Image of Anne French

Really pleased to be using my experience and expertise to help govern TOP and shape the changes that will get us into Parliament. Proud to have been a TOP member and excited about the future.

Darren Savage

Darren is a Project and Change Manager, working in the public health sector in Kirikiriroa/ Hamilton. Over the past 14 years, he has worked with teams across Waikato Hospital to make healthcare more accessible. He is also a freelance commercial financial advisor, based on his background as a trained accountant.

Darren is currently a Board Member and Treasurer for the Refugee Orientation Centre, an organisation that supports forced and new migrants with the transition to living in the Waikato. He was previously the Policy Coordinator for TOP, supporting the Policy Committee with policy development for the 2020 General Election.

Image of Darren Savage

TOP is willing to address the most challenging issues facing the country, and to do that, the party must continue to develop its base to sustain itself for the long-term. I would like to help guide the party in its continued development to become established on the country’s political scene.

Penny Fairbrother

Currently working as a Senior Advisor at Greater Wellington Regional Council, Penny has worked in a number of roles across various government sectors. Originally from Palmerston North, she moved to Wellington to study a Bachelor of Science at Victoria University. She continues to live in Karori where she has raised two sons with her husband, who is a small business owner.

Penny’s roles align with TOP and have revolved around managing programmes of research designed to deliver evidence-based information to decision-makers. She is passionate about using science to inform policy and practice. Penny believes her open demeanour combined with an ability to explain complex issues has often seen her take on spokesperson roles for some highly controversial topics – 1080 and toxic algae in particular.

Image of Penny Fairbrother

I’m dedicated to supporting innovative solutions that will take us into a fair and sustainable future, and it’s an absolute honour and a privilege to have been appointed to TOP's board. I hope to bring the skills, drive and enthusiasm to help TOP transition into a new phase and build on the progress made in the last election.

Scott Pollok

Scott lives in Auckland with his young family, and works in intellectual property law as a patent attorney. He is a small business owner with a background in mechanical engineering.

Experienced in managing small teams and inspiring others, Scott brings to the TOP team a passion for good policy and change, backed up by analytical legal and technical skills, a keen eye for detail, a strong work ethic, and high standards in delivering what he’s tasked with.

Image of Scott Pollok

I believe New Zealanders deserve an evidence-driven voice in the political landscape, and that TOP is the right party for the job. I'm looking forward to putting my legal and organisational skills to good use, helping TOP deliver a non-ideological platform committed to long-term solutions as a lifeboat for Kiwi voters.

Heba Alloush

Heba has an education in Law from both the Middle East and University of Auckland. Presently, she is working in the field of Estates and Family Trusts. She has a keen interest in exploring the interplay between online media and policymaking, particularly in the context of immigration policies. Additionally, she has contributed to governance and decision-making as a previous charity board member.

Outside of her professional endeavors, she treasures moments spent with her little family. Her advocacy for healthcare reform, fueled by personal experiences, reflects her unwavering dedication to empowering families navigating the challenges of the health system. Furthermore, she is committed to environmental sustainability and youth empowerment.

Image of Heba Alloush

Motivated by values and an appreciation for diversity, I am eager to utilize evidence-based solutions, drawing from my knowledge and experiences, to contribute to positive change and make a meaningful impact.

Nikki-Leigh Wilson-Beazley

Nikki-Leigh is a self-employed business owner and a registered business mentor with Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, supporting numerous Māori-owned businesses to success. She has built a career on her ability to connect and influence, and has worked in both central and local government, and iwi governance. Nikki-Leigh describes herself as a strategic thinker, a mover and shaker, and at her core - a people person.

Currently, she owns and operates Piki Toi, an online collective of Toi Māori business owners and artists, and The Commerce Clinic, a business consultancy.

Nikki-Leigh is a board member for the West Coast Primary Health Organisation and heavily involved with Te Rūnanga o Makaawhio - her rūnanga and hapū.

She is a sixth generation West Coaster, her whānau supposedly accompanied Maui on his initial voyage to New Zealand, and they have been hanging out on the same beach ever since.

Image of Nikki-Leigh Wilson-Beazley

I believe that progress is a tapestry of collective effort, and that we can all be the change we want to see in the world. Politically, I believe that we need to balance data-led decisions with the voice of the people, and use our judgement in the interest of all New Zealanders. Together, we can walk hand in hand into a bright future that we will build for our children, and our children's children.

Henare Parata

Henare is a self-employed māori language and performing arts educator, and a consultant specialising in the use of tikanga māori in the mainstream. Henare believes the inclusion of māori culture in these spaces is a good thing, but that it should be carefully balanced with contemporary, universal, humanist values and rights. Henare is an advocate for secularism, critical thinking, and an evidence-based approach to addressing society’s biggest challenges.

Image of Peter Lee

I’m passionate about helping to create a future where all of our tamariki - regardless of background - are given the opportunity to reach their potential and thrive. I believe TOP’s evidence-based, non-partisan approach to solving problems is key to realising this, and desperately needed in NZ politics.