The science most defininately is NOT settled!

The science most defininately is NOT settled!

All, and I mean all, of the numerous models have failed abysmally to predict actual global temperature change. Numerous scientists of high repute who are experts in the relevant fields have attested to the hijacking of this topic; it has become a vast scam, one that costs trillions in funding that could - should - be put to better use. TOP has just joined ranks with the Green Party as verging on loony. We carefully considered what you are proposing as a 'fair carbon cost' some 10 years ago, and determined that the impacts on our economy would be crippling, and all for an infinitesimal impact on CO2 emissions globally. That you are prepared to sell us down the river for science that is still unsettled says everything we voters need to know about TOP priorities. I applaud your determination to address fairness, but the policy front you have committed too is grossly unfair on many levels - it's disappointing that you fail - or refuse - to see those more important levels. Thank you for diluting the left voter block, I look forward to a new National and NZ First centre-right government come September 24th.

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