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The Opportunities Party Thanks Public for Supporting the REAL DEAL Cannabis policy

I just wanted to thank you all for your support and input into the party’s Real Deal Cannabis Reform Policy. This was our first experiment in working with members and the evidence to create a policy and it was hugely successful.

Three days after unveiling the policy, we’ve had massive public support with some polls showing more than 90% approval of our plan to take money off criminals, regulate cannabis supply, and spend millions on drug awareness, education and addiction services. I recorded this short video on Friday when the poll was at over 80% support.

What we’ve shown at the Opportunities Party is that, when presented with all the facts New Zealanders can make bloody good decisions about how to solve the real problems the country faces, so a big thank you to all who were part of the policy development.

We’ve got the NZ Drug Foundation, frontline rehab organisations and a raft of others supporting The Real Deal Cannabis Policy, and the idea of reducing harm by collapsing the criminal cannabis black market.

But what’s really disappointing for many here is the reaction of the Establishment parties. Labour want more time to navel gaze, and National are in denial of the facts as I’ve commented on Twitter.

Even the Greens who used to be thought leaders, in their rush for respectability, seem to be hesitant and happy for harm to continue meantime. The fact is that the work has been done, the facts are clear and we have been talking about this for twenty years:

The 1998 Health Select Committee Inquiry into the Mental Health Effects of Cannabis, chaired by National MP Brian Neeson, unanimously concluded that: "based on the evidence received, we recommend that the Government review the appropriateness of existing policy on cannabis and its use and reconsider the legal status of cannabis".

What it tells us is there is a real need for The Opportunities Party and the reaction of so many Kiwis to our Real Deal Cannabis Policy confirms it.

We’ve got heaps more sensible evidence-based polices to share with you, and a bunch of new candidates to introduce you to later this week.

Again, thanks for all your help.

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  • Mark Harnden
    commented 2017-06-06 14:31:27 +1200
    Great Article; It is incredible that governments still take a negative view to the legalization of drug use; They all know the hazards of having drugs sold by the underworld and the benefits (proven in many countries) of legalizing and controlling quality and quantity . It leads to reduced use; safer use; separation from the gangs who inevitably push stronger and more addictive drugs; and more over reduced incarceration of the public for using a pretty much harmless substance.
    Yet, they (successive governments and other political parties) refuse to take the step (and its a big one) to legalize it all.
    Good on the TOPs party for taking a huge step and moving us towards a safer society.
  • Oliver Krollmann
    followed this page 2017-05-29 12:15:17 +1200