The Opportunities Party Wants Labour to Take Their Policy

As the Labour Party takes a moment to gather itself after the events of the past couple of days, The Opportunities Party Leader Gareth Morgan has extended a helping hand to the new Labour Leader.

“Labour now has a chance to offer a truly “fresh approach” to voters, not by just changing leaders but more importantly by adopting policies which will truly address the structural problems causing the real damage in New Zealand”, says TOP’s Leader Dr Gareth Morgan, “If over the next two days Labour wants to adopt policies like the UBI, Fair Tax Reform, Clear Water Action or any other part of our fully costed and progressive policy platform it would be great.”

“We don’t have copyright on good ideas to reduce inequality and solve the housing crisis but Labour doesn’t have time to do the sort of policy analysis and research we have before the election campaign starts.”

“This is a genuine offer,” says Dr Morgan “We’ll make our research and experts available to Labour if they want to use them to improve their policy platform. Our objective is purely to have better policies on offer to the voting public, frankly I don’t care who implements them”.

Meantime Dr Morgan is travelling through Bay of Plenty and the East Coast today and will hold a rally with TOP candidate Lesley Immink in Gisborne tomorrow night.

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  • Robert Walker
    commented 2018-03-16 19:19:27 +1300
    Hi… That policy sets the welfare maintenance benefit for super annuitants from a universalist framework down to a residualist paradigm. The majority of WINZ/MSD policies have, for many years, been residualist; only just enough and only when there is no other way or means of maintaining basic life support.

    The present Universalist policy means that Gareth or other wealthy citizens could claim right to rent Housing NZ housing (for whatever personal purpose or perceived need they might have Just as an explanatory example, in claiming rights to use and occupy, say, Housing New Zealand by wealthy NZers, they would deprive those in poverty the right to use what is, essentially, a scarce resource. Superannuation should, ideally, be means tested.
    Hope this helps!
    Kind regards, Robert.