The Listening Tour: Workshop Results

During the month of October, The Opportunities Party held several workshops around the country to listen to how people related to the party and where they wanted to see it going in the future.  

We’re still listening.

If you want to have your say you can fill out this survey.  The form will remain open until after the leadership election. Remember, only registered members can vote in the leadership

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It’s a great time to get involved, get heard and get us into Parliament.

We need to give reason a seat at the table.

Current state:

TOP is seen as combative.
People like the fact that TOP is direct and honest, calls it like it is,, but feel this often fell over into rudeness. There are many comments in the vein of TOP being aggressive, confrontational and domineering.

Positive about policy.
For policy, people are by and large positive about the policy. This was seen as an important part of the attraction to TOP and needed to remain intact. There is a strong sense our policy is about:

  • fairness/ fair go/ equality/ equity/ equality of opportunity
  • opportunity/ rangatiratanga/ people achieving their potential
  • evidence-based/ common sense/ best practice/ what works
  • long term thinking/ future thinking/ about future generations
  • bold/ courageous/ offering hope
  • There is a minor suggestion that TOP policy is seen as against ‘older people’.

Negative perceptions from other NZ parties.
The other Party comments were mostly projected and defensive. While there were some comments to the effect of "deep down fear of TOP", the majority tended towards "wasted vote" or "don't split the left", referencing the campaign strategies those parties employed with regards to TOP.

Positive about positioning.
People seem to like the fact that TOP does politics differently, is independent and confounds traditional ideas of left and right. 


Future state:

A new Kaupapa.
Respectful and honest were the two dominant themes. These referred to how TOP should deal internally, with the wider public and with other parties. We should speak the truth but do it empathetically. We should play the ball, not the man, and be prepared to work collaboratively.

Communicate the message more effectively.
Regarding policy, the main suggestions for how it should be in future, largely was in the marketing of the policy rather than the policy itself. The policy messaging needs to be simpler, focussing on fewer policies with clear target audiences and with a few key “sound-bite” messages that we can train volunteers to communicate.

TOP is diverse and strategic.
TOP needs to broaden its appeal by having a few key people representing the party, and ensuring that they appeal to a diverse audience. 

TOP needs to be the ‘voice of reason’ in the media.
There was a large positive sentiment that TOP’s role was to inform the media and be positive in doing so. Values included: 

  • "Voice of reason"
  • "less political framing"
  • "Media understand who we are and where we come from".

Moving from top down to becoming a movement.
There is a sense that TOP needs to become a movement. To do this it needs to be an inclusive, safe place where people can korero - discuss ideas. It should keep being fun and engaging.

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