Teresa Moore

Co-Deputy Leader / Candidate for East Coast Bays

Teresa Moore - The Opportunities Party

As a youngster I was introduced to sailing and ocean life.  This personal involvement led me to becoming a marine scientist. Protecting this vast ecological system has become my passion. 

My education over the years, through work and personal experience made me look at the impact people have on the environment, not only on the marine life but also the overuse of natural resources.

My inquisitiveness led me back to university where I wrote my Master’s Thesis on the sustainability of solar power in New Zealand.  I realised that solar power impacted on 3 levels: societal, environmental and governmental – leading me to become immersed in the political world, for the last 7 years.  I whole-heartedly believe, New Zealand can work towards being 100% renewable.

I have worked in international tourism, and established my own tourism company in New Zealand and Tonga. I realise the importance of maintaining a ‘CLEAN GREEN NZ’ image, which is necessary for sustaining our tourism sector.  The Clear Water Action Plan of The Opportunity Party, is a key policy to ensure we really do value our water.

TOP’s policies will see New Zealand prosper but not at the expense of our environment; prosper by having a fairer tax system, prosper through innovative policies that aim at real change rather than doing only what is politically palatable.

Recently I have been running a not for profit organisation that has been involved in the Special Education Sector. My belief is learning should be tailored to the individual and the world they live in rather than the demands of national statistics. The Opportunity Party’s education policy opens up this thinking and supports the reality that students should NOT be moulded to fit a preconceived ideal.

As a candidate for The Opportunity Party I see the chance to improve the lives of many New Zealanders who have been left behind and to boldly strengthen environmental regulations and our response to climate change.