Ted Faleauto Johnston

Manukau East

I grew up in Otara and have spent most of my life there. I have worked as a criminal lawyer for almost 25 years in South Auckland.

In all those years very little has changed for the poor and disadvantaged, despite all the promises and policies of the old parties.

Establishment parties have represented us so badly, for so long, that many voters are resigned to a lack of change and now don’t even bother voting.

Unaffordable and poor quality housing, traffic congestion, the high cost of basics like milk and petrol, and companies stifling wage growth for low paid workers while awarding senior executives handsome salary increases is dispiriting and divisive.

Parents and children are suffering, and poverty is driving up crime rates, the incidence of mental illness and youth suicide rates in these poorer neigbourhoods.

For a long time and like many others, I sat back thinking that one person can’t do anything to fix these problems. But, finally I have had enough watching the suffering around me, I have to stand up and be counted. 


The Opportunities Party and I will work hard to make real changes to narrow the gap between those with so little and those with lots.

I am standing because I want to help people.

Like TOP, I am not willing to just make up numbers, sit in Parliament and collect the benefits of being a politician. 

TOP stands for what I believe in:

  • A fairer tax system that taxes wealth and lowers income tax
  • Real support for young families and young people through a UBI
  • Addressing the overinvestment in housing and inflated house prices
  • A more positive rather than punitive criminal justice system – a lower prison population
  • Making polluters pay and charging for water
  • Improving our democracy through a written constitution.
  • I support TOP because they demand change, not empty promises.