Better Business

"TOP will make life easier for small businesses to operate by reducing red tape, improving competition, providing business development grants and scrapping provisional tax."

TOP's Better Business Plan will:

  • Reform competition law to remove the power held by big businesses over competitors, start-ups and workers.
  • Closing tax loopholes and giving a $35b boost to investment in infrastructure and R&D.
  • Increase investment into the business sector by balancing our tax system to stop property speculation.
  • Reward hard work by dropping income taxes and give people cash to spend how they see fit by introducing an Unconditional Basic Income.
  • Protect the environment by making polluters pay for their environmental damage and helping businesses wean themselves off fossil fuels.

Our economy isn’t working for workers

In dollar terms, New Zealand is richer than ever. However, that fact papers over a system with many cracks.

We are only richer because there are more of us working longer hours, not because each individual is making more money. This is the legacy of decades of mismanagement from both National and Labour.

Globalisation, technology, greater power of big business and immigration are all keeping wages pegged down at the bottom end.

When you include housing costs, incomes are going backwards. On top of that, much of the recent growth we have seen has come at the expense of environmental damage.

Nobody’s making anything

The key to becoming better off in the long term is investing in assets that actually make us more productive. That way we can have higher incomes with less work, not more. Research and development funding is a good example of this kind of investment. It creates highly-skilled, high-paying jobs, and the benefits flow on to everyone.

Right now, New Zealand’s economy is geared towards speculation rather than productive investment. We barely tax property compared to the rest of the world. There’s no reason for a business owner to hire more staff and train them up when he or she can just buy another house instead. The result? Fewer good jobs for workers, and higher house prices to boot.

The same disease occurs in our biggest industry: farming. There, the lack of environmental controls encourage farmers to intensify in order to bid up land prices. That’s where the real money is made - but at the cost of the environment.

We need a new, sustainable way to make money without relying on buying houses off each other or stuffing the environment. To do that we need to invest in things that will make us all richer.

TOP’s economic policy is designed to increase incomes while ensuring that more people receive the fruits from growing our economy. We will level the playing field so that everyone has the opportunity to get ahead. This will ensure we have both a richer and fairer country.

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