Shai Navot for Upper Harbour

Shai Navot is a practising lawyer, with experience in both civil litigation and criminal prosecution. She spent several years working in the justice system, prosecuting cases on behalf of the Crown and various government agencies. Her experience in the criminal justice system taught her that we need to address the underlying societal drivers that lead people to commit offences.

Shai is currently working on her Master of Public Policy at the University of Auckland which she will complete in 2023. She is running for The Opportunities Party (TOP) in Upper Harbour.

Shai believes access to safe, adequate, and affordable housing is a basic human right, but over the past 30 years, this has not been the case in New Zealand. The exploding cost of housing has led to inequality and poverty, with younger generations and low income earners becoming locked out of home ownership, facing rising rents, and being pushed into unstable and unsafe accommodation. She believes government intervention is needed to improve social stability and individual wellbeing.

Shai is a mum to a beautiful baby girl and during 2022 was on maternity leave while also writing her thesis on the housing crisis in New Zealand. She brings determination and passion to everything she does and firmly believes that we need to create a fairer society, with a system that genuinely supports everyone to reach their potential and live a fulfilling life - and she believes TOP’s policies represent our best chance at achieving that goal. For Shai, TOP’s vision brings real hope and paves the way forward by addressing our country’s most fundamental issues.