Discourages home ownership, forces people into rentals, increases business for property investors.

Discourages home ownership, forces people into rentals, increases business for property investors.

We need people to be able to cheaply obtain their own home where they can be free from the influence of others. Not penalise people for owning a home, encourage it. Your policy would mean average people couldn't afford their own home. But rich people, who can afford the taxes, could still have investment properties. And the average person would be forced to live in them, paying rent, and making the rich richer. It's populist but completely short-sighted, terrible economics. There's a far better solution. Housing is expensive fundamentally due to supply and demand. Supply is restricted through regulations on land, and building regulations. Remove or reduce this red tape and people will be able to build their own homes again. Housing will become cheaper, everyone will be able to afford to have a home. And NZ will become fairer again. It doesn't cost much to build a house. It only costs a lot if you have to comply with the building regulations. Simple law change - if it's single storey, wood or steel framed, with a tin roof, it's permitted and anyone can build it. They just have to get an electrician to do the electrical work. We know such buildings are earthquake safe, most people have enough brains to build one adequately well. This one minor change would solve NZ's housing problems virtually overnight, save screeds of money, and reduce property prices and rents through competition benefiting all poor people at the expense of wealthy property owners.

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    • Tim O’Donnell
      tagged this with important 2016-12-08 21:56:17 +1300
    • Samuel Dennis
      commented 2016-12-08 18:55:25 +1300
      Agreed James. Large corporate investors will most likely already profit enough for the tax to make no difference to them, but smaller investors and home-owners will be hit. So people will be forced into renting from large corporates (owned by “rich people”), and prevented from acquiring wealth for themselves. This policy will directly harm the low to middle class and only benefit the wealthy – but is being very misleadingly promoted as if it is good for the poor. This is very deceptive. It sounds like it’s been written by rich folk who have found a cunning way of persuading poor uneducated voters to vote to make rich people like themselves even wealthier. It comes across as extremely dishonest and makes me highly suspicious of the motivations behind the party.
    • James Turnbull
      commented 2016-12-08 18:15:47 +1300
      No, it appears that ToP wants to take a way the basic security gained from owning your own home, to tax you on the ‘notional value of the home because by living in it you escape paying rent) and because owning a home means that you have a saleable asset and, while they intend not to double tax if you have money in ’financial investments’ they seem hell bent on making sure that you won;t ever have the chance to actually acquire any money to put into such assets.

      I wonder is ToP proof of an alien presence on Earth ?
    • Samuel Dennis
      published this page in How would you make New Zealand Fair Again? 2016-12-08 13:47:10 +1300