Richard Warwick

Hutt South Candidate

A 53-year-old father of five and grandfather to two Richard Warwick is a Petone local who has spent his life facing up to and overcoming challenges.

As a sixteen-year-old Richard was left half paralysed after a misadventure with petrol sniffing but carried on to raise a family and have a career in the fresh food industry.

In his late forties Richard set out to conquer his physical disability and went on to run the New York marathon and complete the gruelling Coast to Coast on his second attempt.

He is now active in working with a number of men’s groups to help others grow and expand their capability by overcoming the challenges in their lives and works to help school leavers transition to the workplace.

He’s not a career politician but a kiwi who cares and knows through his own personal experience that New Zealand can be a more egalitarian and inclusive society than it is now and that we need to make some fundamental changes if future generations are going to have the opportunities their forbears enjoyed.

As a former auctioneer Richard is a gifted communicator with real empathy for those who are struggling in the current environment.

It was Richard’s belief in the need for real change in government policies that attracted him to TOP. As he watched the Party grow he decided it was time to rise to a new challenge as TOP’s Hutt South candidate.

Richard is looking forward to providing a real alternative to Hutt South voters and spreading the Care Think Vote message to as many of them as he can before election day.

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