A step to far and some what orwellian

A step to far and some what orwellian

Sorry, I can't support this in it's entirety. I believe our property sector should be viewed the same as any other investment if it's a rental property. The capital gains loopholes should be closed. But I disagree that I should have either pay rent or pay a tax if I own my own home. Now 101 economics says your house is not an investment. We should have policy removing new zealanders generational view that their home is an investment, but I don't want to pay one extra red cent to live in a house I own and live in. Ive been taxed on that money, Ive paid interest on any money ive borrowed. I don't want to be forced to keep earning money to pay a tax every year. This will forced retiree's to have to sell.and I can't back a policy that forces me to make sensible investment decisions or penalises me if I choose to make an unsound use of MY capital. I have the right to be stupid and I want to keep it.

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