Results of Board Member Election

I’m proud to announce the results of our Board member election, which was announced at the AGM today.

I'm sure you will agree that all the Board candidates put forward for the election were first rate and I would happily work with any of them. They bring a depth and breadth of experience that will set TOP in good stead for 2020 and beyond.

This new Board faces a number of challenges and opportunities. I am sure they are up to it. 

Remember that we were looking to elect three Board members out of four nominees. In order to ensure each member elected had broad support, we asked members to rank the candidates. We received a total of 254 votes. 

Candidate 1 - Shai Navot: 132 votes (removed, votes re-allocated)

Candidate 2 - Matt Zwartz: 72 at the start, and then 134 after re-allocation of candidate 1's vote

Candidate 3 - Antony Dixon: 36 at the start, and then 92 after re-allocation of candidate 2's vote.

Congratulations to the new Board members and thanks to the fourth nominee Nickolas Ashford who missed out by a very narrow margin.

Thanks again to Horizon State for assisting with the election process through their secure, transparent online voting platform. We are proud to support Kiwi start ups that are taking on the world and trying to change it for the better in the process.