New leadership. New energy. Same radical policies.

We are pleased to announce that The Opportunities Party will contest the 2020 election.

We want a prosperous, fair and equitable society, underpinned by a sustainable and dynamic economy that protects our natural environment. We want a New Zealand which maximises the opportunity of every New Zealander to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

New leadership. New energy. Same radical policies like:

Fixing the housing market with a better tax system - Supporting individuals, families and communities to reach their potential - Repairing our broken environment

The financial reality of running a political party is an enormous challenge. And we can’t do it alone.

Help us create a better New Zealand. For all New Zealanders.

$196,890.00 raised

GOAL: $450,000.00

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$75,000 - Lets us cover base expenses and essential staff - the bare minimum.  

$150,000 - Helps us build a bigger volunteer team and run a modest marketing budget.

$300,000 - At this level we can bring in specialised expertise, run larger marketing budgets, and send our new leader to communities and opportunities all over the country (No limo here though!).

$450,000 - TOP can employ key digital staff, including a full-time Graphic Designer and Volunteer Coordinator.

$550,000 - This is the real deal. With this kind of funding, we can make an aggressive push for seats in Parliament in 2020. The sooner we get to this level, the sooner we make a real impact on NZ’s policy direction.

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