Climate Change Action

TOP will put climate at the front of the agenda, no matter who is in power.


The science is clear, we need to get carbon emissions to zero or face unprecedented global warming. We must reduce carbon emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change. 

While we are a small country, if we take action, we can be a role model to the other 100 small countries that make up 1/3 of all global emissions.

TOP recognises this is a fundamental issue of our time and will work across the political spectrum to get meaningful action on climate change.

In collaboration with our Biodiversity and Freshwater policies, 

TOP's solutions:

  • Double the price of carbon and phase out free credits. This will incentivise companies to move away from burning coal for process heat and also generate $1b per year to reinvest in the rest of this plan.
  • Build denser cities around public and active transport networks as per our policy for Sustainable Housing and Urban Development.
  • Support mode shift to public transport, e-bikes and electric vehicles through targeted subsidies.
  • Alter the Building Code to allow energy-efficient materials to be imported into New Zealand, and ensure the building industry has the skills to use them.
  • Broaden the remit of the Electricity Authority to include reducing emissions.
  • Only use the offsets gained from tree planting for offsetting agricultural emissions.
  • Introduce incentives from the government and the financial sector for households and businesses to be energy smart.
  • Increase investment into initiatives such as planting riverbanks and erosion-prone land, using waste wood, producing and using biomass, regenerative agriculture, and optimal electricity demand management techniques.
  • Invest in Research & Development to figure out the optimal way forward for moving freight using the roads, rail and shipping.

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