Real Commitment to Refugees

The Opportunities Party is committing to quadrupling New Zealand’s refugee quota to 3000 per annum over the term of the next Parliament.

As establishment politicians gathered on the steps of Parliament to pay lip service to the idea of international humanitarianism TOP candidates Geoff Simmons (Wellington Central), Jessica Hammond Doube (Ohariu) and Jenny Condie (Tax spokesperson) reiterated the Party’s stance on refugees.

Rather than adopt a “just enough is good enough” attitude TOP has analysed the country’s capacity to take more genuine refugees and found current settings woefully inadequate.

Figures released by the U.N. yesterday show we are currently 95th in the world for refugee intake per capita. We can do much better.

The Party remains committed to its policy of smart immigration to prevent the use of imported low skill, low wage immigrants to undercut kiwi workers and the backdoor scam of overseas education being used to gain citizenship here.

Refugees are a different matter entirely. New Zealand has a proud record of humanitarianism and must not turn its back on those who have been displaced from their homelands by forces beyond their control.

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