Raf Manji launches his run for the Ilam Electorate

The Opportunities Party Leader promises to put Ilam and Christchurch back on the map.

On Wednesday 15th February, Raf Manji officially launched his campaign for the Ilam electorate in Christchurch.

The launch is the first step on his journey towards the upcoming election, and being elected as the next MP for Ilam. 

In his speech, Raf called for an end to the Labour and National paradigm, which he believed has overseen a significant underinvestment in core infrastructure and jobs, especially for nurses, teachers and police officers. Taking aim at the current Government Manji said “Labour has spent too much time rearranging the deck chairs instead of fixing them”.

Positioning himself as a circuit breaker, he believes Labour and National are too comfortable in their seats in Christchurch. Speaking to a room full of supporters, Raf explained “I have spent the last 18 months in Wellington, and I can tell you, they don’t pay attention to us.”

Raf spoke of his time helping set up the Student Volunteer Army in the aftermath of the Canterbury Earthquakes - an organisation that has been instrumental in helping vulnerable communities from the recent flooding and effects of Cyclone Gabrielle. Raf also spoke of his time working with the Christchurch Foundation to support and advocate for the affected families and survivors of the 15th March 2019 Terror Attack.

Having served as a Christchurch City Councillor between 2013 - 2019, Raf promised to head to Wellington and tell the story of Ilam, and Christchurch. “A lot of people outside of Christchurch want to come and live here, but we need to plough on, keep investing in our city and keep telling our story.”

Raf also announced the upcoming launch of Project Teal at the University of Canterbury - a project he described as a “game changer” for the upcoming election.