1. What will happen to property prices?

1. What will happen to property prices?



Their escalation will end; this will give us time to lift real incomes so that the ratio of the average house price to the median income will drop from 9 times in Auckland and 6 nationwide back closer to historical norms. 

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  • James Turnbull
    commented 2016-12-07 21:13:51 +1300
    Really is that the way the ToP Party thinks or are you an exception ?

    If people thought John Key had lost touch ‘with the people’ it’s pretty clear you’re not even in touch with the ground.

    So, pray tell me Great Oracle …

    Q) what on earth are young people supposed to do for housing when prices are sky high, there’s massive competition for rentals and they can see that low interest rates mean it’s a better opportunity than paying spiralling rents? Sleep in their cars … so, that’s actually NATIONAL POLICY Isn’t it … so whats new here at ToP ?

    A) do what lots of them are already doing and push off to Australia where they can make more money, pay less tax, and offer that (and other countries) the skills that we so desperately need here at home, and as a side effect reduce the amount government income to exacerbate the looming super crisis – which you intend to solve by taxing people who worked and saved all their lives to own their own homes?

    Something like this happened in France… the people were having a hard time and the politicians were denying the problems that existed.

    Marianne Antoinette was reached and pleaded with on behalf of the poor

    “The people have no bread”

    Then, let them eat (cattle) cake

    She was amongst the first to meet Madame Guillotine … and if you’s been there you’d surely ave been a close second.
  • Tim O’Donnell
    commented 2016-12-07 20:38:27 +1300
    I don’t understand why it would end? Most people are to become a renter instead of an owner & the landlords charge what they like to cover their costs….. what’s changed except people have no asset? Do you think landlords won’t charge whatever it takes to cover costs?

    Oliver, We need a roof over our head. We scrimp & save so our costs for living with a roof over our head isn’t dictated to us by a person (or corporation) that doesn’t care because they’ll get someone else if not us. Becoming a landlord again is looking even more attractive to me.
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  • Oliver Krollmann
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    I have trouble understanding who forced first time or family buyers to compete and buy in an inflated market. Our media love to repeat that again and again and again, as if it was something we can’t escape, but last time I checked the decision to buy or build or not to buy or build was ours, and ours alone.
  • James Turnbull
    commented 2016-12-07 15:17:05 +1300
    It’s fair enough to claim ‘escalation will end’ but you have to say HOW and WHY and WHEN (timescale) and what evidence / analysis exists to suggest that it will work and also that prices will NOT fall dramatically ?

    And what happens to eg first time or family buyers who have been forced to compete and buy in an inflated market and will quickly find themselves in negative equity with debts that far exceed the value of their home?

    Those people did NOT create the dual housing / housing price crises
  • James Turnbull
    commented 2016-12-07 15:09:10 +1300
    Define " Historical norms " at what point in history specifically ?

    Failure to do so is old school political weaselry and I’m sure that’s not part of the ToP Plan ???
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