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Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright has today issued a major report highlighting the need for urgent action on the control of feral cats to protect and preserve New Zealand’s unique and diverse birdlife.

Her report comes four years after Dr Gareth Morgan launched a philanthropic campaign to address this very issue which has resulted in numerous local bodies throughout New Zealand putting the eradication of feral cats in their pest control plans 

“To have the Commissioner of the Environment accept and endorse the evidence based issues we have been highlighting all these years is a major victory for commonsense”, says Dr Morgan, “It is proof that while many are uncomfortable about policies that might at first appear radical, speaking out on problems and proposing well thought out solutions can win the hearts and minds of New Zealanders”.

Dr Morgan is confident voters will also engage with The Opportunities Party’s evidence based policy solutions on tax, housing, cannabis, clean water, education and health as the election campaign ramps up.


 For further information contact:

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  • Friend
    commented 2017-06-12 08:24:12 +1200
    I do not support the TOP party, but just wanted the party’s view on my ideas on cat ownership. I am an avid cat lover and would NEVER, NEVER support any party that would seek to stop people owning cats.
  • Friend
    commented 2017-06-12 08:18:10 +1200
    No I do not agree with house bounding cats. But I think they should be restricted whilst outside. I have a beautiful Ragdoll Cat that weather permitting I take outside twice a day, for an hour or so each time to enjoy the garden, I have her on a harness and long leash. Another way to let your cats enjoy time outside without fear of them harming wildlife, is to build them a nice big cage outside. It can have an comfortable inside area where they can get in out of the weather, and an nice big outside run decorated with climbing branches etc. Though I would not recommend putting your cat out in a cage during the colder times of year. Keep them inside during autumn and winter. If you have a balcony/deck that your cat can access from the house, but cannot escape into the garden from, consider putting a cat flat in the door that leads from the house out onto the deck. That way, while the family is out during the week at school and work, puss can get out into the fresh air on the deck. I DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT approve of people who let their cats have free access to outside, while they and their families are out all week. In fact, I actually think believe it to be extremely cruel, as puss could get injured while your away; and although the injuries may not be too severe initially and puss may be able to get home. If there is no one at home to get puss straight to the Vet, you could find yourself coming home and finding your beloved feline friend so sick that it could cost you a lot of money at the vets to aid its records very, or worse still dead. Okay, you may tell me, that your cat never wanders off your property when you are at home. But can you be a hundred percent sure of what your cat is getting up to when you are out during the week? Also, your neighbours perhaps would not appreciate having your cat digging and doing its business in their gardens. Perhaps instead of pointing out to people that the need for keeping cats restricted is to protect the native bird life, which is an extremely good reason on its own. But instead point out to them that it would prevent their cats from killing birds and rodents and thus risk picking up the toxoplasmosis virus, which they could then bring in and pass onto their humans. Although humans can contract toxo without actually getting any of the symptoms, the symptoms can be very nasty when they do occur in humans, especially in pregnant women. So you could end up spending a lot on doctors bills for yourself. Okay I can hear people shouting at me that their cats do not hunt. But again can you be a hundred percent sure that while you and your family are out all week and puss has fee access to outside, pus is not exercising his or her hunting skills. These skills are innate in all cats, they are going to carry them out. CATS NEED TO BE RESTRAINED AT ALL TIMES! But not necessarily kept permanently inside. Studies have been done that have shown that cats can help reduce stress, which in turn can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks in humans. But if we are going to continue having them living as part of our families here in New Zealand, rules need to be put in place to keep them safe and more importantly to protect our vulnerable natural environment. Microchipping and getting all cats fixed (unless you are a cat breeder) is a good start. BUT LAWS REGARDING MOVEMENT RESTRICTIONS FOR CATS, NEED TO BE IMPLEMENTED! For anyone who owns a cat, the cat must be kept in, when you and your family are out, unless of course you have built a secure cage for it outside, or it can get out onto a secure deck/balcony. Peace of mind for you and/or your family that your feline friend is safe. But probably more importantly it can save you a preventable expenditure on vet bills or doctors bills (in case of the rare incident of you contracting toxo.). Even when you are at home, your cat should not be let out in the garden without full time supervision. If your property is not completely surrounded by a cat proof fence, train it to a leash and go outside with it. Going out with it unleashed, could be very risky. If something outside the boundary of your property catches its eye, it will be off before you have time to catch hold of it and no amount of calling will get it back. For all too long poor dog owners have been hounded by laws put on them and their beloved pooches. I think it is now time attention was moved onto cats and their owners. Laws need to be put in place with appropriate fines attached. These laws will safeguard not just our beloved feline pets, but also what is left of our unique and vulnerable wildlife. My only worry is that if such it laws are implemented, it may lead to some careless owners dumping their cats, either in the wild or at animals shelters. I think people believed to be doing that because of the new rules, should be fined for abandoning their pets. But I think that most cat owners truly love their cats and will want to do their best by them. They are probably avid animals as well and will want to do right by our natural environment and it’s unique flora and fauna. Also as pets, world wide cats are proving to be more popular than dogs. They are cheaper to keep and do not require as much room in which to live. I also think that all responsible cat owners should be allowed to replace their beloved pet when it dies. Afterthought: A restriction on the number of cats people can keep also needs to be implemented. I think two cats only per household (unless you are a registered breeder) that wants to have cats. People who have more than that number of cats if such a law is bought in, should be allowed to keep their excess number for the duration of the cats life. Well that is my rant on cats. My plea goes out to all cat owners in New Zealand to do the best by their beloved cats and to help look after our vulnerable native environment with its unique flora and fauna, Karen.

    PS I would love to hear anyone’s especially members of Gareth Morgan’s TOP Party on my ideas pertaining to Cat ownership.
  • Oliver Krollmann
    followed this page 2017-06-03 06:58:05 +1200
  • Steven jones
    commented 2017-06-02 07:21:27 +1200
    Cats should be house bound, simple. I am sick and tired of watching my neighbours cats kill everything then can.